Another Chernobyl may happen in Ukraine

In Ukraine there is a high risk of a disaster which would resemble that at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The case is that nuclear branch of the country is in a dangerous state. As the Washington Times reported, the main problem is corruption.
As a result, irresponsibility and negligence are evidenced in management of the nuclear infrastructure, which produces 53% of energy for the country.
An independent body as the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate should monitor nuclear facilities. However, assignments are given by the Energoatom state company instead. If the latest fails to secure all the safety standards, it notifies a regulatory body, which just extends deadlines of violations to be eliminated. Beside that, a lot of positions in the Inspectorate are empty.
Given this, the Energoatom realizes that it's not necessary to strictly observe regulations and neglects safety. According to the author, for maintenance of nuclear facilities, dubious companies are hired without any experience in the field.