Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Bush has reached two great accomplishments

Many of Bush’s critics have voiced the opinion that Bush’s presidency has accomplished nothing and has resulted in only failures. I disagree. Quite frankly, Bush and his Neocon enablers and world wide puppets have reached two milestones previously believed unreachable. The most interesting point of both is that they were reached with little conscious thought.

In the US there is a word that was coined specifically for the 911 and Afghanistan periods: blowback. It means the unintentional consequences that beset those who do various deeds without actually contemplating what may be the results.

The first of these unbelievable Bush accomplishments resulted from his misguided and mismanaged invasion of Iraq.

The Arabs, especially the Muslim Arabs, as a race are a very fractious and suspicious people, who mistrust each other’s clans and tribes, let alone nations. Saddam Hussein, a socialist dictator with a penchant for destroying Islamics in his own domain, was of course a “prime” target for ouster by the leaders of the Axis of Hypocrisy and their Farse on Terror. The invasion of Iraq, mandated on a mutable reason that is yet to be nailed down and continues to change as needed, led to the replacement of Saddam with an set of Islamic parties and the rise of Iran as the undisputed local power. These and other blow backs were minor, of course, compared to Bush’s main accomplishment.

In one fell move, Bush was able to unite the fractious Arab street against the US, but unite them he did. At no time, not even during the Crusades, have the Muslim Arabs been so united against one enemy or series of enemies. The US/UK invasion was heavy handed failed to involve other Arab regimes, with the exception of the leadership of the absolutely corrupt Saudi and Kuwaiti monarchies.

What unfolded for America and its allies was a long and bitter and still continuing war, where the Arab street has poured in fighters from across their sphere. What was supposed to be an easy walk through, a painless victory that Neocons dreamed off, has turned out to be a massive expense and a bleeding sore that has never healed and has defined much of the Bush presidency.

Never one to take such fame and success without trying harder and proving that more could be done, Bush, his Neocons and a local puppet named Saakashvili set out to again do the impossible. Thus started the suffering of a small people in a small land named South Ossetia.

Bush’s puppet, with the sweet words of the Neocons in his ears, eating his fevered brain, launched a war of genocide against the South Ossetians, exterminating women and children, razing villages, destroying Orthodox churches, even though the Georgians themselves are Orthodox, even running tanks through grave yards.

The news of the barbarity of Georgians spread through Russia like wild fire and most affected the North Caucasus. Within a day, nationalities, that once hated each, rushed to volunteer in mass to defend the South Ossetians and revenge against the Georgians and their masters in the Axis of Hypocrisy. In one day, 1,500 Daghistanies came, to stand beside the Chechens (both Muslims and both hate each other), Chechens who were standing beside the Ingushetian who also hate each other and also fought a short civil war with each other. All to defend Ossetians with whom both the Ingushetians and Chechens have fought. Along all of these stood not only Russians and Abkhazians but in particular the long enemies of the Muslims, Russian Cossacks.

That all these peoples would put aside their mutual distrusts and hatreds and unify in such a short time, is truly amazing. What is more amazing is that this was not a desired effect nor a foreseen one.

Truly, those making these decisions in the West are clueless and those who follow them do so at their own peril.

Stanislav Mishin

The article reprinted with the kind permission from Stanislav Mishin and can be found on his personal blog Mat Rodina

Photo: The Associated Press