Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Black House of the United Socialist States of America

The day when Barack Obama won the election has been ironically dubbed as ‘Black Tuesday.’ It brings up the idea that the White House in Washington might be renamed soon too. As a matter of fact, red is the best color that fits America today. If things continue to develop like that, the country’s new name will the USSA – the United Socialist States of America.

Americans have reached the highest point of hypocrisy in their self-complacency and confidence. It may at times be very close to absurdity. Just imagine that Governor Schwarzenegger bans words ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ from California schools just because of the fact that the words supposedly discriminates gay families. In America, feeding children with junk food, which is obviously made only for profit, is considered politically correct. It is considered politically correct to bomb Iraqi children for seven years after Colin Powell showed a test-tube with detergent at the UN and said that it was a weapon of mass destruction. ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ prove to be politically incorrect. Schwarzenegger might want to have a closer look into the origin of his last name, for it seems to an extremely incorrect name.

The story of a US congressman suing God made numerous headlines not so long ago. The politician decided to defend the rights of his electors against the background of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters. The claim has been noted, the Lord has been provided with lawyers but the hearing never took places because it was impossible to find out the defendant’s address.

Stupid rules can be a lot more important that common sense at times. Will Obama be able to wake America up? It is not likely that Obama will become an object of sarcasm and countless jokes, like it happened with outgoing President Bush (e.g. Bush has lost his entire library in a fire – all the three books are gone).

Every nation deserves its leader, and this saying matches America completely. Many Americans were sincerely surprised when they were told that one of their states – Georgia – exists across the ocean. Some of them were concerned about Russia attacking the Georgian governor. It seems symbolic that the name ‘George’ sounds very much like the name of the country – ‘Georgia.’

Mikhail Zadornov for Express Gazeta

Mikhail Zadornov is a well-known Russian stand-up comedian and writer. Zadornov is particularly famous for his satirical comparisons of Russians and nationals of other countries, especially Americans. He has also been known to make fun of any CIS (former Soviet) country seeking a friendly relationship with the west, but seems to have no hard feelings against them.