Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

The Two State One State Solution

Let us first establish four main facts about the Israeli-Palestinian situation:

1. America, since 1948, has been in the pocket of the Saudi royals, who spend over $100 million yearly on DC to buy politicians and own the US state department people sent to the embassy in Riyadh even taking care of them in their retirement.

2. Israel receives billions in US aid (the Arab neighbors/enemies of Israel actually receive more aid and military equipment from America , but that's a different story).

3. He who gives money owns the one who takes it. Thus DC owns Jerusalem just like Riyadh owns DC.

4. American constant involvement in the region has insured that there can be no peace between the Jews and the Arabs, just how the Saudis want it.

The US has looked the other way while the Palestinian clans, under command of the PLO and it's Romanian KGB created leader Yassar Arafat tried to over throw the Heshimite clans of Jordan and seize power. The US looked the other way when those Palestinians, fleeing Jordan launched a civil war in Syria, which Assad crushed. The US equally looked the other way while the PLO, like a horde of locusts, then hit Lebanon, launching what had once been the banking capital of the Middle East and a peaceful land of Christians and Shiites into a bloody three way civil war.

The US did stop looking the other way, when Israel invaded Lebanon, after a series of PLO atrocities, and encircled Arafat and his jackals from the south, while an equally vengeful Lebanese Christian Army closed in from the north. It was then that Ronald Reagan sent in the US marines to save this scum, at US taxpayer expense, and transport them to Tunisia, at US taxpayer expense.

The US then went into a full PR attack mode to make the Israelis take the first steps to national suicide on the Palestinian issue. This continued under Papa Bush and then onto Bill "Bubba" Clinton. This of course created and fueled the First Intifada, with over raised expectations of the Palestinians to some kind of kingdom status.

Things only got worse with Clinton bringing Yassar the Blood Thirsty, with the death of 100,000 Orthodox and Catholic Christians on his hands (not that the Anglo-Marxists ever cared about Christian blood) to the Palestinian territories and turning a murderous thug and terrorist into a "legitimate" world leader and then ordering the Israelis to hand over half their tiny country as well as lots of weapons to the renamed PLA. This farce even went so far as to give this evil little murderous troll a Nobel Peace Prize, forever making the Nobel idea a running joke.

Bush the Lesser's arrival, with his Road Map to Peace (National Suicide) did nothing to ease the pain, putting fresh life into the grandiose plans of the Palestinian Islamics (who had conveniently murdered and driven off most of their Orthodox Christian cousins...again the Anglo-Marxists care little for Christian blood). If it was not for the HIV virus, we would still be forced to listen to the lies from that small evil troll.

So far, the US has continued to push the idiotic two state solution, making sure that their compliant puppet Olmert the Mindless, removed, by military force, Israelis from the Gaza Strip. It should be interesting to note that just like with Sharon's gutless withdrawal or rather route from Lebanon , the number of attacks on Israel only increased. Running in the face of Jihad only encourages the fanatics to try harder. When dealing with Jihad, you fight to the last fanatic or your civilization and religion will die. Better the warrior's death than the coward's dhimmi life.

So what is the solution? Mat Rodina calls upon Obama to take a new approach, instead of the Two State idiocy that he has already started pushing just like his four predecessors.

Mr. Obama, you promised change? Make it real and take this radical change: import all of the Islamic Palestinians, or at least the ones in Gaza to America and let the Christians ones return to what will than become internal Israeli territory.

The US has created the wars there by backing the PLO/PLA, it is time to take responsibility and give these "refugees" a better life, somewhere in the wide expanses of America . You will be hailed as finally bringing peace to that war torn land and you will even please the other local Arabs who after all want a two state solution so they can get rid of their own unwanted Palestinians. Give them North Dakota or some other nearly uninhabited area and let them be neighbors to the Lokotas. That should be fun to watch. Further more, on the bright side, these Palestinians, raised on war and jihad will make fine soldierly recruits to fill the ranks that Americans will not.

See, Mr. Obama, two birds with one stone. Of course the Saudi paymasters will be less than happy but you can't satisfy everyone, now can you?

Stanislav Mishin

The article has been reprinted with the kind permission from Stanislav Mishin and originally appears on his blog, Mat Rodina