Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Most infamous Americans in 2008: Madoff, Palin and Bush, of course

Britain’s The Guardian published the list of the most infamous Americans in 2008. The list includes 19 individuals with billionaire Bernard Madoff at the top. Sarah Palin takes the second place, whereas the third place belongs to outgoing US President George W. Bush. Indeed, what’s the point of making the list of America ’s worst people if there is no Bush in it.

As for the leader of the list, the former chairman of the board of directors of Nasdaq Bernard Madoff was arrested in New York December 11. Madoff chaired Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities – the company, which provided intermediary services to stock market members. It was said that Madoff had caused a 50-billion-dollar damage to investors as a result of his financial affairs.

Sarah Palin embodies everything that is not typical of the United States: proto-fascist sentiments and the absolute ignorance. It was particularly reported that Sarah Palin did not know Africa was a continent.

George W . Bush . The name says it all . He started with election fraud, had the nation involved in the war which could have been avoided, encouraged tortures, did not do a thing to save New Orleans, and so on and so forth. Bush said once that he was aware of his extremely low popularity in the United States, but added that he was never chasing popularity during the hard years of his presidency.

Rod Blagojevich (4th place), the Illinois Governor, is suspected of selling Barack Obama’s post in the US Congress. Blagojevich’s phone conversations were tapped, and it was revealed that the man simply wanted to make money and was ready to do anything for it.

Michele Bachmann, a congresswoman from Minnesota, comes fifth. She said during the pre-election race that Obama was possibly sharing anti-American views.

The list also includes former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. The notorious politician sent in his resignation when it became known that he was spending tens of thousands of budgetary dollars on elite prostitute. Elite for Eliot.

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