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Rafael Correa: Latin America is no longer anyone's backyard

The Ecuadorian President said his government will keep fighting for the deepening of the Citizen Revolution, "not only in Ecuador, but in Latin America", noting that "we are no longer anyone's backyard."

The Ecuadorian president said Thursday during his inauguration that the times we are now living in Latin American countries is thanks to the election of progressive governments from their people, which is now said that "Latin America is not the backyard of any government."

"I want to say that this government of Ecuador is committed first to its people, but also with the other peoples of Latin America. Count on the government of Ecuador, because we're not anybody's backyard," said Correa.

The president called for Latin American unity and recalled that in the region there are causes such as Las Malvinas and Cuba why we must continue the fight.

"We must not forget compatriots and international friends who are here. Our struggles and those of our sisters and brothers.  The Malvinas are Argentine, are Latin American (...) the blockade of Cuba by the United States blatantly violates the charter of the Organization of American States (OAS)," added the Ecuadorian president.

Ecuador's Correa recalled that, unlike the United States, "we signed all human rights instruments. Here torture is not allowed, no death penalty, we have not invaded anyone, no controlled planes killing people. They chase crimes, not people."

He again reiterated his rejection to the headquarters of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)" by in a country (USA) that is not part of the Inter-American System of Human Rights (ISHR). That has to change."

He asked all to defend the largest homeland in Latin America. And do it as part of a legacy left by president Nestor Kirchner and the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez. "Understand and defend our state of law. That is the legacy that we have left our companions. They could not subdue us, nor can they with our integrity. They failed with Kirchner, and with Chavez and have no chance against us."

There can be no freedom without justice

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, said Friday during his inauguration as head of state of that the country for the period 2013-2017 it is not possible to have freedom in any nation without justice, highlighting the value of the Citizen Revolution as a political process .

"There can be no freedom without justice (...) only by seeking justice can true freedom be achieved and the logical consequence of this process (Citizen Revolution) is the political stability of our country," said President Correa.

In that sense, the southern president explained that elite groups that held power have attacked the achievements that earned by the government "accusing us of being a government that wanted to break the peace in Ecuador, and other countries polarizing people , but I'm going to remember that peace is not just the absence of war, let us not forget that. With this process we put people first rather than the capital."

Correa said that the country has defended the Citizen Revolution and thanks "to the generous confidence of the people" now have the highest unprecedented approval, in history.

"We were winners in nine elections in a row, including two re-elections in a single round, which is an example of direct democracy. We have the highest approval rates from our return policy for democracy and February 17 we were confirmed by the Ecuadorian people with their generous trust with more than 57 percent of the votes," said Correa.

"This political process has 100 Assembly members from a total of 137. Of those 100, 52 are men and 48 are women. We practice what we preach. This is a real and formal democracy where we are allowed access to rights, opportunities and decent living conditions," said the Southern head of state.

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Translated from the Spanish version by:

Lisa Karpova