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It was 2013 when I wrote an article that resembled the death, then recent, of Isabella Viola, the first Italian case of karoshi, the death by fatigue, the death by consumption caused by excessive work (here). This poor woman of 34 years died on a Sunday morning, early, too early in the morning, waiting for the train that would take her to 50 kilometers away from home to work as a maid from 7 am to 7 pm. Isabella, wife, mother, worker, died in silence. Without disturbing. Unobtrusively.

Since then, things in Italy are not much improved. It's true that newspapers and other media have not reported similar news but it's easy to censor, even to self-censor, unwelcome news. The Italian press is pander to the strong powers, and prostitute of the financial capitalism that ravaged Greece starving the people and massacring the social fabric. I have no evidence but I suspect that the destiny of Italy has been partially exchanged for that of Greece, sacrificed and crushed so that other countries would pay a price a little lighter. For the moment. Because the economic crisis continues, the debts have to be paid but many Italians have precarious jobs, with a timed expiration as milk bottles or cans of tuna. How can you project a life if you work three months yes and two nay? If the wages of those who work are low, but not the wages of those who are in charge and always lands on their feet?

This time I want to tell you about Eduardo Della Giovanna, "Pacho" to his friends. He committed suicide with a gunshot at 66 years of age. Eduardo was not exactly Italian, he was Argentine and with a history of communist militancy. He had opposed the dictatorship in Argentina and then he left his country and settled in Italy. I don't care here if Pacho was a guerrilla fighter or a terrorist, a dreamer or a misunderstood saint. What interests me is something else: in Italy he had always lived honestly and had always worked. Then, some time ago, he lost his job because of the crisis and he was no longer able to find another one. He had already lost the love of his life because of a cancer, he had suffered from cancer of the vocal cords too. Work disappeared. No savings, the rent not paid to his friend that let him use a little apartment of her, dinners, lunches, breakfasts offered by friends that genuinely loved him. But you cannot always go on like this. There is also  honor and pride, the willing not to be a burden to others. And so, after the cancer returned, Eduardo decided it was enough and shot himself. He left a last thought for his two cats, asking that they were not separated or suppressed. A curious reader can read here the letter that Pacho wrote before of shooting. The original is in Spanish.

I leave to God to judge the degree of guilty of Eduardo Della Giovanna although I like to think that Jesus Christ died on the cross also for him, well knowing that one day he would be killed by a gunshot being without money, food, work, pension and in the cold during the winter. By myself, I mean just that we live not in a primitive medieval times where you cannot see beyond a very limited horizon. Indeed, the Middle Ages seems to me even more civilized when I read some recent stories. With all our universities, our professors of economics, our wisdom, our factories and all the goods that we produce, we should be a more balanced and peaceful society. Instead.... we fail, as we have failed with Eduardo and Isabella, before of him. Rest in peace Eduardo. We forgive you for what you did.

Let's change news. Snows, even in Abruzzo. Like every year, also in the Italian region where it snows ... where it snows every year more than in other parts of Italy. So, you say? Last summer there was an earthquake that devastated all that part of Italy. The government promised to help people who had lost their homes by giving them a new, smaller, prefabricated, but enough to spend the winter. Instead they are still living in tents. It's snowing. Above the tents. And above some other tents, greater. And a few days ago there was another earthquake that caused some avalanches. One of them, particularly strong, flattened a hotel killing nearly all its occupants, except half a score that have been saved by a team of firemen. Guys poorly paid and ill-equipped but really moved by a great heart and a great spirit of sacrifice. Russia, civil and generous, has offered help for the second time but, for the second time, the offer has been ignored by the our Government of vassals servants that from Rome still link the destiny of Italy to the arrogant desires of Brussels and Washington. We received no offer of help from England, Germany or Spain. As evidence of how cohesive and generous is this pseudo family of people named "Europe". France, la belle France, has given us for the second time a disgusting cartoon by those guys of Charlie Hebdo. It is on the net, clearly. They call it irony, of course. I call it laugh about the dead and the sufferings of others. Yet no Italian newspaper, even the most mundane and dreary, made mockery of the dead of Charlie Hebdo's editorial staff after the terrorist attack. Rather, everyone here to praise that sheet of waste paper good only to wrap fish, all of us to speak in defense of the poor press freedom, attacked and shot in the Paris of the never ending Enlightenment.

Benito Mussolini, the dictator, after the earthquake of Volture charged his minister Araldo of Crollalanza to assist the affected population. In two months Crollalanza gave a home to all the earthquake victims: affected by the earthquake in the summer, they spent the winter in a more dignified living condition than ours today earthquake victims. Mussolini then rewarded the minister not because he had finished work on time (this was only his duty) but because he was also able to save money compared with those expected. Other men, other times but a dictatorship cannot do better than a democracy. If it happens, it means that there is something deeply wrong and that absolutely must be corrected as long as we are in time. If there is still time....

Last news. Priests pigs in Padua, the city of Saint Anthony. Father A. (I write only the initial of the name) has been charged by one of his mistresses for sexual abuse, physical violence and beatings. The woman could not stand the relationship and went to the police after discovering that the priest had 5 more lovers in his private harem. Investigations have found a collection of porn movies, sex toys and a disgusting story of orgies, video shootings of the priest making sex with transsexuals, black men and other women yet. In addition to the usual good life of good meals and tasty wines. There is also a second priest, Father R. (previously became "famous" for being the spiritual adviser of a well-known soubrette of the Italian television) and between the two priests there was at least one homosexual relationship. More other things.

Who am I to judge? So pontificated Bergoglio months ago talking about homosexuals, perhaps to clear this practice and maybe put it more easily in a new, politically correct teaching of the Church. However, as he looked away, this pseudo-pope who does not represent Christianity in my opinion, I doubt he expected an evolution so sudden of his thinking. Personally I do not think that orgies, she-males, and lovers of various kind can be part of the Catholic magisterium ever. I do not find positive references in the Gospel or in the history of the Father of the Church. Not the times are evil rather people. But people make the times, unfortunately.


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