Author`s name Michael Simpson

Bush’s Casus - 25 March, 2003

Casus belli, a reason for war against Hussein was very simple for Bush, very much like his political program. It supposes that America is good and Iraq is bad, and what is more important, Iraq has got weapons of mass destruction. And the weapons can be used against America either immediately, or in a year or five years. So, Bush said it was a reason to wage a war against Iraq.

First of all, it was important to remove the inspectors team headed by Hans Blix from Iraq as they were in America’s way. The inspectors led Pentagon schedulers into a dead end. Every new day revealed more and more that the inspection team wouldn’t perform the US task to find weapons in Iraq. This “failure” was for two reasons: either Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction at all, or the Iraqi were especially smart with hiding the weapons. In both cases, the Iraqis should be given their due. What George W. Bush did next was to move aside the United Nations Organization and waged a war. 

The path of war is hard and dangerous, as the enemy has much weapon, and this is not ordinary weapon but weapons of mass destruction. However, the war is underway but nobody hasn’t yet used this weapon against American troops. On the contrary, Iraqi troops display heroism and contain the enemy with ordinary shooting weapons of Soviet production. Tanks, cannons, machine-guns and antiaircraft guns used for battles are also of Soviet production. 

And where are the weapons of mass destruction? These weapons are used in Iraq every day, by Americans against the Iraqis. When US marines understand that they are losing the battle to Saddam, they bring battleplanes and helicopters to attack Iraqi troops who have submachine guns only. That what we saw in Umm Qasr and what happens in other battle grounds every day.

Americans haven’t yet found anything in Iraq. Now they say Saddam Hussein has highly likely concentrated the weapons near Baghdad and will certainly use them as soon as American troops draw closer to the capital. But what if he won’t? It seems that Bush and Pentagon officials expected that the unprecedented scale of the attack on Iraq would make forget the casus belli. Indeed, it is hardly likely that at present people think about the UN, the secretary of the organization and the inspection team headed by Hans Blix, about all those who has been getting on the nerves of TV audience and President Bush for several months already.

Now George W. Bush declares he has no objections to the UN playing an  insignificant role in the war conflict, but adds it should be a humanitarian mission only. America itself will do the rest. But what is to be done?

For the time being, Bush is getting used to the role of the universal dictator. All good old fairy tales say that it’s not enough to beat a monster, it’s more important not to turn into such a monster oneself. Bush is not afraid that victory over the Baghdad dictator will turn him into Washington dictator. He seems to be liking his role.

And what about casus belli, the weapons of mass destruction? They are sure to be found in Iraq. The Pentagon is said to be more efficient than Hans Blix’ team. To tell the truth, weapons haven’t been yet delivered from Kuwait, as Iraqi troops don’t let Americans catch their breath. It’s time for war historians to coin a new term – Bush’s casus.

Sergey Borisov