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Poland Acknowledges Oil Ambition in Iraq

Too many companies wish to assist in Iraq's restoration

Washington and London still hesitate to acknowledge the fact that the war in Iraq was launched because of oil. However, their true ally - Poland - does not see anything blameworthy about it. Polish Foreign Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz has recently stated that Poland has never concealed its aspiration to gain a direct access to oil deposits. Saddam is a tyrant and a monster, of course, but oil is much more important.

A group of Polish companies has recently signed an agreement to participate in the restoration of Iraq. Now Poland will have both the military and the economic presence in Iraq. In fact, no one had any doubts that the American administration would find a way to thank its true ally that had totally supported the military campaign.

Apparently, the list of the countries that wish to assist in Iraq's restoration is not going to be restricted to Poland only. The White House decided to make a small present to GUUAM members (an organization that unites former USSR states Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldavia). The summit of the organization took place in the resort city of Yalta on July 3-4th. Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Steven Pifer was present at the summit. Rosbalt news agency reports, Mr. Pifer said at the meeting that the US administration could assist GUUAM countries' companies regarding the restoration of Iraq. Steven Pifer said that the USA was ready to render technical and other kind of help. It is worth mentioning here that Ukraine and Azerbaijan have already decided to dispatch their military men to Iraq.

Brushing aside the Iraqi issue, we would like to point out that Moldavia and Uzbek presidents arrived for the GUUAM summit in Yalta as well. Rosbalt said, Russia had played an important role in this respect, because the plans of the American administration about GUUAM were not good for the Russian government. Apparently, the summit results are not going to be comforting for its participants. Romania and Bulgaria refused to joint the organization, despite the active support on the part of the US administration.

On the other hand, those events are not directly linked with Iraq. As far as the post-war organization of Iraq is concerned, one should say that Moscow has repeatedly stated, Russian companies would not be discriminated in Iraq, so they would have an opportunity to restore Iraq and extract oil. Allegedly, adequate affirmations have already been obtained from the White House. Yet, it is not clear, if Iraq manages to house everyone to wish to restore it - oil deposits are not extendable.