Author`s name Olga Savka

Americans Still Trust George W. Bush

The majority of American population support the army campaign in Iraq

According to a recent opinion poll conducted by Gallup, Americans are getting tired of the Iraqi campaign, although they still support the military operation. Forty-two percent of respondents believe that the military operation in Iraq should not have been launched. However, 56 percent said that they still supported the campaign. A similar poll conducted in the middle of April (after the end of the military stage of the operation) showed, 73 percent of Americans supported it and only 23 percent were against it.

Gallup agency analysts believe, American people have been disappointed with the army campaign in Iraq for several reasons. The main reason is connected with the inability of the coalition to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The disappointment is also explained with the guerrilla warfare, in which American servicemen die.

According to the latest information, only 53 percent of respondents believe that weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq. This view was shared by 84 percent of Americans at the end of March, when the army operation was in full swing.

American people are also disappointed with the results of the operation on the whole. Only 48 percent of respondents believe that coalition forces will manage to find Saddam Hussein (70 percent of people were sure of that in April). Fifty-two percent of Americans think that it will be possible to establish a democratic government in Iraq (vs. 65 percent in April) and 56 percent believe that the American administration is doing fine in Iraq (70 percent thought so in April).

Seventy-one percent of Americans supported George W. Bush's activity as the President of the United States in March. According to Gallup's poll, people still trust their president, although the estimation has dropped a little to 61 percent. Three of every four Americans think that George W. Bush is a "strong and decisive leader."

Sixty-four percent of respondents agreed that Bush possessed the personal qualities that the president had to have. Sixty-five percent of Americans consider Bush an "honest, trust-worthy president, 57 percent are sure that he is "taking care of the such people like them, and 54 percent of people say that Bush is the "person that you admire." Finally, the poll on the threshold of July 4th showed that the Americans still retain patriotic feelings. More than 70 percent of them said that they were extremely proud of being Americans.