Yushchenko attacked by ghosts

Ukrainian elections have already gone down in history. This however has got nothing to do with thought provoking and mind-boggling state management programs offered by the parties involved. This got nothing to do with the “revolution” either… Ukrainian elections will go down in history due to Mr. Yushchenko’s mysterious “poisoning”.

Today, this remains the main subject of discussions for people in Ukraine as well as for those who follow the country’s developments. As soon as on December 11th Austrian doctors from the “Rudolfinerhaus” hospital confirmed Mr. Yushchenko’s poisoning from Dioxin, the topic could not possibly escape public attention. Judging by the remarks that followed, opposition will try to do anything to keep people on the hook with “Yushchenko’s poisoning case” until December 26th. Obviously, their main task is to convince everyone that it is the “damn power authorities” that are responsible for the poisoning of the “orange” leader. And at this point it seems as though the lack of evidence (if they do in fact exist) proving Kuchma’s or Yanukovich’s connection to the case bears no significance whatsoever. The main thing is that the oppressed always have people’s support. And the Ukrainian example is no exception.

At that, Yushchenko’s supporters often make such ridiculous claims in order to keep people interested that it seems interesting anyone would buy it. People do buy it though. For instance, Yushchenko’s assistant and delegate of the Verkhovnaya Rada Oleg Rybachuk stated in his interview to ABC News (“Good morning America”) that the opposition leader had been poisoned by “KGB agents”. When asked about who could have given such order, Rybachuk’s answer was rather amorphous. According to him, “this whole regime” could have done it. Of course, had he named someone in particular, he would have been immediately faced with defamation charges.

Obviously, KGB's connection to Yushchenko’s poisoning was meant specifically for the American public, majority of which is probably totally unaware of the fact that KBG have not been in existence for the past 13 years. The organizations' name however still reverberates in the hearts and minds of many Americans, since the threat this one organization had once posed was ten times worse than a nuclear explosion.

The following rather unclear though: does Washington really treat people from other countries as total fools? Otherwise, how else can one explain the fact that at first State Department claims US does not support either one of the candidates and then Yushchenko's spokesman scares the hell out of the American public by claiming KGB’s involvement? Arguments of the freedom of press would be irrelevant in this case, since it is doubtful that ABC News will interview assistants of Victor Yanukovich as well.

So what poison was used to “poison” Victor Yushchenko? The actual name “Dioxin” doesn't reveal much, since according to American professor Arnold Schekter, there exist about 20 types of dioxin as well as substances containing dioxin. According to the professor, it is important to determine the actual concentration of this poison in Yushchenko's body as well as consider that some of them can remain in blood for decades, whereas others are washed away from the body within several years.  

Finnish expert Terttu Vartiainen from the Health Institute from the city of Kuopio considers that dioxins was a bad choice if someone really attempted to poison Mr. Yushchenko, reports RIA “Novosti.” The scientist also mentioned that it is in fact quite easy to determine whether a person has dioxin poisoning. In addition, human organism takes a long time to rid of dioxins completely. Traces of dioxin poisoning can also be found years later a man’s death.

As it can be seen, scientists cannot agree on the same facts concerning dioxin poisoning. British toxicologists John Henry, who has been able to diagnose Yushchenko by means of a photograph, once again enters the scene. According to him, the so-called “agent Orange” used by Americans during the war in Vietnam, has been used against the Ukrainian opposition leader. British newspaper The Observer specifies that KGB’s secret laboratories had once developed an analogy of this substance entitled T-2 “Yellow rain”.

Almost two weeks remain until the second round of re-elections. Hopefully, we will be lucky enough to find out the truth behind Mr. Yushchenko’s poisoning.