Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Yushchenko’s Party honours war criminal

Yushchenko’s Party honours war criminal

Recently, the political party of the President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, Nasha Ukraina (Our Ukraine), honoured a war criminal who fought for Hitler’s Nazis and who was responsible for the murders of tens of thousands of Soviet citizens who resisted the Fascists.

The Nazi Abwehr Commando, Roman Shukhevych, was recently honoured in the Ukraine’s celebration of “100 years of the great Ukrainian patriot and hero” on June 30th. The description was by political party Nasha Ukraina (of Viktor Yushchenko).

Who is Shukhevych?

Who is this man who was celebrated like a hero in Ukraine and by President Yushchenko’s political party? Born in 1907, Roman Shukhevych, also known as Taras Chuprunka, was assistant commander of the 201 Batallion of the Schutzmannschaft, Ukrainian auxiliaries, who fought for Hitler against the Soviet Union and even against fellow Ukrainians.

This unit was controlled by the Abwehr, Hitler’s Nazi Foreign Intelligence Ministry, and was responsible for combatting Soviet Resistance fighters in Ukraine and Bielorussia. Shukevich and his unit were allegedly responsible for the murder of up to 80.000 Soviet citizens, including Ukrainians, received a Nazi Iron Cross for his efforts and he is worshipped like a national hero?

Many of those fighting in his unit today receive pensions far higher than those who resisted the Nazis, who in many cases do not receive any pension at all in Ukraine today.